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After surviving communist California Stay Frosty has to Survive The company had recently moved to the free state Florida escaping the leftist lunacy of California and Oregon where the business originated over 14 years ago before the big blue take over and destruction of the streets polluted with the degenerate aggressive and arrogant homeless.

A prediction, knowing the secrets of the HAARP weather technology, joked that when all the fleeing Red Blooded Americans end up in Florida, Big Brother would nail it with an epic storm. Ironically that is what happened. It missed Tampa and Miami, majority democrats, and drove straight on through the heart of the conservative state.

HAARP weather technology

Our business settled in North Port area and that is where the path, after deviating, heading for. Hurricane Ian’s bizarre behavior as it sat still off the coast and decided which way it should go. I was in the Tamp area when it was head my way and was told to head southeast to avoid its destructive paths.

Hurricane Ian Radar

So that is what I did. I packed up the truck and headed to a AirBnB in the middle of Arcadia. Arrived late Tuesday to a remote farm with a barn and livestock. The owner was in the home and under the circumstances allowed me to stay. Then next morning the Hurricane had shifted and was heading right for me. If I headed north now, I could get caught in my truck in the storm and that would be very risky, and all the hotels were either closed or booked for over 300 miles radius.

My truck was parked a block away on higher ground due to the area being a flood zone and we expected to be flooded. Under the circumstances decided to hunker down and pray for the best. We had no idea how big this storm would be.

Nonetheless I helped the owner who was a bit green and new to Florida as well. He had a boat, but it wasn’t attached to anything and could easily float away if it flooded. I told him we needed to tie it to the house which was on flood posts and grabbed a hoist rope from the barn. After tying the boat off we moved all the chickens we could into the outside screen in porch that was also on posts a full story above the ground and safe from the impending waters.

The skies were beginning to darken around noon and my phone began alerting me of the Hurricane saying that it was out last opportunity to flee the area. I had nowhere eels to go and didn’t want to be stuck in my truck during a massive Hurricane and floods.

Next the winds began to dramatically increase, and the rain was coming down harder. Around 3 pm the power cutoff and the water outside was beginning to pool. The area would be flooded soon and the estimated 16-foot level increases. I prayed my truck would be ok since it was a few blocks away on higher ground. Was assured it would be ok if the waters rose 16 feet.

As the skies grew darker and the winds became stronger, we sat in the middle of the house and watched the radar on a flight app called Foreflight as the massive hurricane crept closer. Then another alert came over the phone.


Then it hit. For 5 hours the house rumbled and shuttered while we sat silently in the raging torrent. The noise was so loud it was pointless to talk. We just sat there and prayed. It was the longest 300 minutes of my life. Every moment was intense stress and anxiety of what was to come. Eventually became numb and accepted whatever fate God and Hurricane Ian had instore.

Around 11 pm things calmed down and we both had a couple of drinks of rum before passing out from mental and physical exhaustion. Little did we know that our troubles had just begun…

The Day After Hurricane Ian