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It is comply absurdity to design and create for the United States of America armed forces and not provide Made in America shirts, gifts and products.  It didn’t make sense to see other military apparel providers like Ranger Up and Grunt Style printing and selling shirts for US Army veterans on shirts made in another country!  Oxy moron is a word I would use in describing this behavior and amazingly they are very successful.  Sadly most people including our soldiers do not realize the economics behind why we should BUY American.  If your money is leaving your community it isn’t helping your community. A strong community has a solid production oriented culture.  If you cannot produce and are dependent on another country than this whole 4th of July Independence Day is not applicable to America anymore:(  Does anyone realize there are no major factories or production facilities in the united states not controlled by the government or subsidized by them?

Stay Frosty understands the economics behind NAFTA and SAFTA and the TPP and how the America middle class has been short changed and ripped off by corporate interests unwilling to support the country that allowed their prosperity.  For the past 7 years Stay Frosty beginning with began offering shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, tank tops made in America. ~Even the cotton was grown in the USA along with the looms that textile them and the printer that lays the ink.

Since then we have expanded all but our challenge coins to American made products such as decals, patches, posters, liquid metal signs, coasters, crystals, and more.  We hope that others in American begin to support Made in the USA products so we can gain our economic independence once again.