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Stay Frosty relocating to the Free State of Florida.

After 2 years of watching our country fall to the fascism of a government cue, locked down over a fake pandemic, divided by the media, whipped into fear by dark leaders of greed and exploitation, Stay Frosty has strategically withdrawn from the losing front line of the western states capitulation to global tyranny and regrouping in the free state of Florida.

Clearly Florida has a true leader of the people and the Constitution with US Navy Veteran Governor Ron DeSantis at the helm. Daily for the past 2 years he has stood up to the federalist corporate take over of America. If only other state’s Governors would take a clue and follow his lead in fighting the New World Order’s agenda in dismantling America’s core values and Christian morality by forcing everyone to live in the absurd lies and deceptive misrepresentations that have been woven by the Media.

3 years ago we tried working with a local SEO group in southern California and was ripped off by more lies and misrepresentation. Sadly this behavior and attitude is pervasive in Caliphate-ornia. Since then Stay Frosty has ceased advertising through Facebook and other social media due to their refusal to follow the US Constitution while operating business in this country. We stopped spending money because it seemed very clear we too were being shadow-banned whist spending thousands of dollars a month with no results after dominating the market. We have suffered due to this lack of advertising but refuse to feed the beast that is contributing to the downfall of this great nation and the freedoms it represents.

One day people will figure out the Freedom is equal to the Morality of that culture. The less Morale the more laws and less Freedom. More Morality the less there are laws and the more Free we are.

Figure it out folks.

Get in alignment with God and practice this morality that we all know from birth and we will gain our Freedom back!