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3rd World: A Cyberpunk Tale is now available on Barnes & Nobles and Amazon on Kindle, Paperback and hardcover. Available soon on Barnes & Nobles and Audible. Its an allegorical cautionary tale about the dangers of AI, Transhumanism, Nanotechnology and the Metaverse.

Love in the Age of Aquarius

League Marine Purists

Greks shamans and Purists’ sages foretell that the Age of Aquarius revolves around the Self and Technological Advancement.

On 3rd World that simply means that Technology is king and Selfishness rules.

Love? What’s that? Never heard of her. There is no room for Care unless it’s taking care of yourself. Lost somewhere in the ruthless stratum of the Sprawl’s vast network of subjugated control, surviving from many chronos of strife colonizing the New World.

The past is prologue. If there ever was a past. After centuries forging an existence on this new planet and disconnected from their home world, the inhabitants of 3rd World grind day after day, striving for a future amid the hostile environment of a strange planet.

Then mix some good aliens with some bad creating a recipe for destruction along with some sabotaging spiritual zealots, while adolescent space cadets attempt to seed a new existence. As usual, mankind has naively engineered the countdown for its own destruction in the futile efforts to forge its future legacy.

Now sprinkle two star-crossed lovers that must struggle through time and space to be united as the destiny of the universe unravels around them. Will their love for one another survive?

While their love tries to blossom, all that is left of humanity hangs on the precipice of annihilation from the machinations of one of their own creations that have come back for their masters in this clockwork orange world that they desperately cling to.

Will they be able to transcend the diabolical corporate transhumanist demise of their existence or thwart the devilish destiny of a world gone wild?

Immerse yourself in the full throttle cyberpunk metal guru catacomb gangster landscape of 3rd World, as the rock opera of the Universe unfolds.

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It was during my first-year college that I began developing the concept for 3rd World.  First a short story and then for my college assignments such as designing movie posters, or ironically book covers created art involving this idea that had been seeded long ago.  Then at the end of college I formed a business with Nabile Hage, of Liberia Africa, a lieutenant in the US Army and chemical engineer to create comic books where I trademarked the illustrated series 3rd World.  Unfortunately, this venture was cut short when Nabile, attempting to create notoriety for the business called Dark Zulu Lies, dressed up in full Chaka Zulu costume and climbed on to the second story ledge of the Atlanta capitol building.  He had not discussed this with me before and if he had would have seriously dissuaded him, since the dome is gilded with native gold leaf and authorities would frown upon this.  Needless to say, I was right, and the exhibition got him arrested. Nobody cared about the comic book company, just some kook dressing up like an African tribesman and trying to steal gold from the capitol dome.  My first business failure.  Later in 1992, would try to bring the 3rd World comic book story to the world working with Andrew Cosby, back before he was a successful Hollywood writer and creator of such shows as Eureka, 2 guns with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, and the screenplay for the latest Hellboy with David Harbour and Milla Jovovich.  Although we were very inexperienced, we tried our best to get funding from the SBA and other sources to no avail.  In those days getting anything printed or published was extremely expensive and very risky having to pay for the volume up front in hopes to find a distributor that may get you into retail that may sell your comic.  We were trying to bite off more than anyone would ever allow and it too failed. 

This is when I began reading more and more fiction starting with the Bible, then Bhagavad Gita, Rama Yama, and then the Mayan Calendar which led me to the ruins of Honduras and Guatemala.  In 1996 I tried to visit the Mayan capital of Tikal.  Back then there were no tour guides or facilities, and a war was going on.  I had to find a local that would agree to take me across the border of Honduras and into Guatemala.  Something was pulling me to this place and unfortunately at the time brutal guerilla warfare made it impossible to enter without fear of being killed just for being Caucasian.  The CIA had been stirring up conflict and everyone figured if you looked white you were a spook and they would escort you off the bus, tell you to start running and then use you for target practice.  Nonetheless, I didn’t cross the no man’s land between the two countries fearing being shot randomly due to the color of my skin. It would be three years later and after reading Graham Hancock’s ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ when I would return, this time able to get across the border from Belize into the deep rainforests of Guatemala and the ancient city of Tikal.  It was a magical place.  Toucans, Howler Monkeys and Coati de Mundi were all around as I entered the plaza of the Jaguar and the Temple of the Sun.  I hiked to the top of the Sun temple and looked out across the city plaza and distant forest filled with jungle covered temples lost in time.  Standing there I felt that sensation of having experienced this vista before.  It was so familiar as if in a dream or a past life.  As I pondered this strange feeling, confused by the familiarity with what I was seeing, my guide Juan spoke, “This is where George Lucas shot the final scene of the rebel base in the original Star Wars.”  In a snap I immediately recognized what I was seeing.  It was the scene of the green planet where the Millennium Falcon escaped the Death Star and hid with the rebels on the organic world.  There was a reason Lucas had trekked into the jungle back in 1976 to film this 2 second shot and I was determined to figure out why.    The following year in 1997 I moved from Honduras to Los Angeles and was hired within 3 months by Ron Millar and James Anhalt from the newly exited Blizzard Entertainment, who had started their new business developing video games.  I was the first person they hired for their new company called Redline Games of Costa Mesa, California as their Art Director and soon added Producer to my title.  Shortly after learned that they were hoping to create a game like Syndicate and the role-playing game Shadow Run but needed a new concept to overlay on top of what Ron Millar was designing for the game play.  A new world was needed, and I already had one.   Being bright eyed and bushy tailed agreed to transfer the trademark for 3rd World over to Redline and Activision with hopes of making a kick-ass game based on more than a decade’s work was finally coming to fruition.  It was the most exciting professional experience in my life.  Just moved to Los Angeles, hired by the best in the video game industry working with the biggest publisher, Activision, and they want to make a game called 3rd World using the characters that I had created a decade earlier for a comic book venture.  It was an exciting time.  This is when I met Adam Maxwell, a video game designer hired soon after I was.  We immediately became friends and soon would work together to create the background story for the 3rd World universe.  It was 1998 when Adam and I outlined what would unfold over the next 20 years and beyond.  Little did we know we would be predicting the next two decades in the world of technology quite accurately including information specialists like Julian Assange and Nano Viruses long before anyone knew the internet as it is today.  The biggest concern that had every programming capable helping to solve the dreaded Y2K threat that would destroy the timecoding on all computers and everyone feared it would collapse the banking system.  Sadly, this too became a failure like most video game development riddled with drug induced drama and prima donnas jockeying for narcissistic fame rather than trying to make a cool game based on a kick ass concept.  This locked the trademark and copyrights down for 20 years until now.