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After a rough year of fighting against the theft of designs from on-line retail dreadnoughts like Amazon, Teespring and Sunfrog, Stay Frosty is licking their wounds, patching the holes and getting ready for 2019 with help of battlefield veteran Corpsman and his seasoned marketing company All Things eCommerce.

All Things eCommerce has been helping businesses gain solid footing in the SEO and eCommerce arena for over 10 years.  Led by HM3 Richard Barrett All Things eCommerce plans to work with Stay Frosty to begin the climb up the SEO ladder after being broadsided by the big corporate frigates.  As an OIF US Navy Corpsman veteran, Richard knows what it takes to get the job done and take care of fellow troops! In 2019 together with Stay Frosty, All Things eCommerce will provide more coverage and marketing support to reach more veterans around the world with the best cutting edge and unique designs suitable for those who serve everyday on the war front, in the streets of our cities and the against the raging destruction of infernal fires!

Stay Frosty is honored to have Richard and All Things eCommerce at their side and charging the front lines of the on-line eCommerce battlefield.