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Another Veteran has been hired by Stay Frosty Enterprises to take the lead on another site dedicated to the armed forces.  A part of serving the men and women of the united states military Stay Frosty also supports behind the scenes by employing active and retired service personnel. This month Stay Frosty has welcomed aboard an active duty United State Coast Guard MK1 to begin a social media campaign addressing the huge vacuum of Coastie focused designs much needed for these men and women that do there job every day protecting our borders and ports from those that wish us ill will.  Unlike the other branches the USCG is actively performing their duties around the clock and Stay Frosty hopes to celebrate them on Vision-Strike-Wear as well as the upcoming new site dedicated solely to the United States Coast Guard. Look for this release to be Q1 of 2017!Army

In addition, Stay Frosty last month retained the services of a another active duty First Sergeant in the United States Army to assist in marketing for Vision-Strike-Wear as well focusing on the men and women of the US Army.  It is critical to bring to each site leads that know and understand the culture and people within the ranks.  The US Army is a large part of what Vision-Strike-Wear is dedicated to along with the other branches of the United States of America.


Also a part of the Stay Frosty team is ab active duty US Navy Sonar Tech First Class leads Navy Crow’s marketing efforts to celebrate all those squids and airdales out there.  Devil Dog Shirts is the number one site for United States Marines and is led by a USMC veteran with 2 terms in Afghanistan as an Artillery Sergeant in the 11th Marines.


As we know serving in the military demands or soldiers to endure extremely intense and overwhelming experiences while in service. Some of the Stay Frosty team who have served in combat suffer from PTSD but that doesn’t keep them from performing an outstanding job!

Without supporting the home front by hiring from the ranks we would not be honoring those that have served.  Our customers know that not only are they getting the best military designs for themselves or a loved one but they are directly supporting those that deserve the best military designs and military gifts each time they visit and buy from our military stores.  Stay Frosty Enterprises appreciates every single one of our veterans old and new, man or woman, and from every race and creed.

Next, Stay Frosty hopes to hire a USAF Airman to help out with social media, newsletter, blog writing and press releases.  If there is any active duty US Air Force personnel looking to earn some extra bucks, contact and inquire within.