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The national television syndicated show Discovery Channel is sharing on its show information about two of our brand companies, Devildogshirts.Com and Navycrow.Com. After the release of a brand new coin for the United States Navy and its Tin Can sailors a press release was written announcing this new coin and was picked up by the producers of Newswatch and subsequently Discovery Channel.

The producers of Newswatch and Discovery Channel contacted these two US Veteran run and operated websites and immediately wanted them featured during their Dad’s and Grads airing on June 10th. The connection between their episode and the originality of both Navycrow.Com and Devildogshirts.Com made a perfect fit. With the over tens of millions of viewers it was important for them to get the word out on these small but definitely growing Veteran run companies with a mission of providing the finest in both design and products for active duty and prior service military. June 10th on NewsWatch on the Discovery Channel from 7:00-7:30 AM Eastern and Pacific Time will be when their information will be aired!

The US military community is about to learn about these unique companies and how their efforts, designs, products and their goal of reaching out to the military community as once of the key components of their companies.

A US Navy Coin that started things off!

The press release that started it all! Tin Can Sailors Coins!


Here is how it all started.

The production team Of NewsWatch and Discovery Channel reached out to them. “I’m reaching out to you because one of our senior producers here at NewsWatch came across in a recent press release and thought it could be a great story to feature on our nationwide show.  In case you haven’t had a chance to catch an episode, NewsWatch’s 30-minute morning news show brings our audience up to date on the latest innovations for both consumers and businesses, from apps and tech products to B2B services and even interviews with celebrities.  The program is broadcast nationwide on The Discovery Channel in over 200 markets and reaches over 96 million households across the United States.”

“From our conversation it seems this would be a great fit for our upcoming Special Episode featuring Top Gifts for “Dads and Grads.”

Simply exciting and how.



A US Navy active duty and US Navy veteran run website dedicated to the creation of the highest quality and original US Navy artwork displayed on unique US Navy coins, shirts, apparel, posters, decals and much more. Their entry into the US Military with their original art and has literally taken the US Navy marketplace by storm. We are proud to have her as one of our sister websites.


US Marines creating designs for US Marines. The brotherhood and sisterhood experienced on this all United States Marine Corps website is a clear indication of how important it is to the US Marines that man the controls of this website. It has been a dream of these US Marine veterans to develop creative and unique USMC artwork that they too can display on shirts, hoodies, decals and posters, coins and more for their US Marine brothers and sisters. They desire to be the best in serving the US Marines and providing the finest in USA made, high quality products.



Dad’s and Grads!

Because of Newswatches interest in a segment featuring Dad’s and Grad’s and the work and artistry of the design and produces created by Devildogshirts.Com and Navycrow.Com the producers reached out to them and wanted to showcase their background, the work they do and how they support the US military both active duty and prior service. A match made in Heaven!


June 10th!

Airing on Discovery Channel (7:00-7:30am ET/PT) your segment will air on NewsWatch on the Discovery Channel from 7:00-7:30 AM Eastern and Pacific Time

You can also check it out at any number of the following links and we hope you will share the wonderful news about these amazing US Veteran Companies.

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We hope you come check this feature out and see another great group of US Veterans supporting the military community in the United States! Bravo Zulu to the veterans at Devildogshirts.Com and!