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What does it mean when someone says it’s Made in America? Does that mean some widget made in Kobe, Japan along with another widget from Podunk assembled together in some Toyutus Plant (Yeah we spelled that right!) in Fargo, South Dakota makes it made in America? Assembled doesn’t mean made so don’t let that fool ya!

But seriously it needs to be about 100% Made in the USA. From the metal, plastic, wood, to the guy scratching on it, printing on it, driving his hammer into it that makes it American. Those guys at the Toyutus plants get paid and they have families to take care of and we support that but don’t be followed for a minute that Mr. and Mrs. Toyutus aren’t pulling on your heart string to prove to you in some suggestive, marketing way that they are making it here. They get to feel better, maybe, the worker bees put a steak on the table, support a small town but ultimately the large corporation is the one that benefits the most.

So Let’s Talk Made In the USA

Who does it, what do they do, how can you get behind it and ultimately does it make a difference?

All good questions to prove a point that supporting the USA starts with its small businesses and the folks that go to work each day and make exceptional products for the fellow Americans.

US Veterans.

Can’t speak enough about them. Obviously someone willing to risk their lives and sacrifice their future in support of their countries must love it or they would be crazy not to. US Military business in America is strong and is backed by some of the hardest working men and women we would be proud to call brother or sister. Let’s start there.

Let’s identify and look at a few companies whose leadership are US Veterans, produce products in the USA and make some amazing, original goods that are at the top of their game. Below are a few of some wonderful USA made companies and links to the wide variety of Made in the USA products they offer.


A small vetrenpreneur US Navy business with US Veterans at the help whipping out some cool designs with a Made in the USA Approach. They will source through other USA companies to acquire the basic goods they need to produce some fine looking military apparel and products.

Here is a link to some of their original United States Navy designs they create –



Can someone say bad ass? I knew that you could. Here US Marines can enjoy some incredible USMC artwork that is created, designed, printed and offered by US Marines to US Marines. This is a smaller but growing site that one day will be on a level equal to Sgt Grit. Keep an eye on these Marines doing some amazing and creative work.

Here is a link to some of their original United States Marine Corps designs they create –



Wanna talk 10 years of designing for the US Military for both active duty as well as reservists. They are one of the most sought after design houses for the United States Military in the country. With over custom designs to their credit they have been featured on military shirts with commands all over the world. A US Veteran owned and operated company they strive to produce the most original art and military design in the industry with thousands of products offered in 100% Made in the USA fashion.

Find them at and check out their awesome arsenal of artwork and original military art.



Now things get even more interesting when you combine elements of the Thin Blue Line and law enforcement across this great country of ours and couple that with the intense and original art for cops found on everything from apparel, to signs, to decals and more. Their imaginations transform into art and that art goes to the police shirts they custom create.

Here is a link to some of their original police shirts and law enforcement designs they create –



Fire and Axes

Everyone as a kid likely wanted to be one of these guys. Racing into a burning building and saving lives. Rescuing that cat from a tree or helping a little old lady across a busy intersection. Well things have certainly gotten more complex since the simpler days in our past but the courage, dedication and bravery experienced by American firefighters daily and honored at Fireandaxes.Com. Firefighters deserve to display with pride the traits described above that make a person very special when they place others’ lives ahead of their own. So Made in the USA is their style and what is important to them because the artists at Fireandaxes.Com want their shirts to be American made when its placed on the backs of our firefighters.

Here is a link to some of their original Made in the USA firefighter designs they create –


Born Ready Apparel

Did someone say United States Coast Guard? As the smallest of branches the Coasties have more roles and responsibilities covering more ground and territory than any force even close to its size. Their motto, Semper Paratus, Always Ready, stands at the forefront of all they do. It makes a difference and it saves lives. When the USCG wants a product designs for one of its commands they want it Made in the USA. They are protecting our coastlines and waterways and thus they want something from here. Something they know is made from quality and produced by hard working American hands.

Here is a link to some of their original Made in the USA Coast Guard designs they create –


America has some tremendous small businesses. Some Veteran owned. Others not. But the one certain commonality each of them possesses is that they strive to be as goes they can when it comes to the products and services they offer. Above are some of those small businesses that would love to work with you designing, printing and offering a variety of Made in the USA products to be enjoyed by Americans across our great country.