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Born Ready Apparel is another site dedicated to the men and woman of the armed forces focusing on the United States Coast Guard.  Led by an active duty Coastie with 12 years as a Boatswains Mate with service in all four corners of America.  USCG Shirts, Decals, Signs,

As usual all apparel, decals, signs and posters are 100% Made in America.  Sadly our country has been culled in the steel industry and to obtain coins other than over seas is near impossible.  One day we hope that legislation will reverse this and more industry will return to the shores the USCG tirelessly protect and guard 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

No other branch performs their duties like the United States Coast Guardsman.  While the other branches train, the USCG actually performs their duties every day to keep our ports, waterways, and coasts clear of illegal activity, immigration and drug trafficking.

Help us celebrate these great men and women of the United States Coast Guard  and visit Born Ready Apparel for USCG shirts, challenge coins, and gifts for your favorite Coastie!