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After 6 years of being the first responder to police, sheriff, K-9 and trooper custom design requests we are proud to announce the launch of 10-4 Gear a new website focused and dedicated to the men and women of law enforcement!

Growing up with many family members and friends in law enforcement, CEO Derek Frost has gained a deep understanding and insight into the lives of those working everyday to preserve the peace and protect the citizenry from those who ignore our laws.  His uncle a retired Sheriff, served with distinction and was honored many years as one of the top 100 law enforcement officers in the country training with the FBI in Virginia.  Along with many other relatives and friends serving in law enforcement he has a great respect for those that choose to serve the public trust.

With all of the negative publicity trying to disparage our beloved police, sheriff, troopers and k-9 officers as being incompetent with the attempt to globalize our local law enforcement, 10-4 Gear is celebrating the reality that the United States of America Law Enforcement Officers are the finest.  The media continues to distort the truth and label these law enforcement officers as racists or murderous while statistics clearly refute these erroneous allegations.

We challenge this attempt to divide and conquer the American spirit with 10-4 Gear.  10-4 is code for everything is OK or ALL GOOD.  We know nothing is perfect and we are not implying that has no issues.  The fact is these men and women of law enforcement face life threatening situations daily while most folks all sit back and “arm chair” judge based on spins from the prime time news. If the media would stop fomenting divide they could get back to doing their job of protecting the public and keeping the peace.

Thanks to all law enforcement officers nationwide doing their best and sacrificing all to uphold the laws of the land and the Constitution of the United States of America.