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Autobiography by Derek W Frost

Veteran Of A Psychic War is a personal account of how modern religion, media, and corporate institutions intentionally create individuals with narcissistic personality disorder. The author recounts their journey and revelations on this topic.

The story begins with the author growing up in the Deep South then moving to Los Angeles in the mid-1990s to pursue the American dream. He quickly found himself immersed in a world that was superficial, egotistical, and materialistic, namely the entertainment industry. The author describes their experiences with various individuals from Hollywood, including a world-famous video game designer, the Gay Mafia of Walt Disney Corporate, an Indian Hindu Surgeon, Satanic Navy Seals and a Jewish Marine from Portland, Oregon. All these individuals behaved like textbook narcissists, destroying the author’s relationships one after another.

The author also shares their experience of naively trying to start a family within the insidious and callous Catholic culture.  Highlighting how the Church has supported the fragmentation and alienation of families and father figures, rather than protecting innocent children during the height of the scandalous pedophilia charges and child trafficking, that Archbishop Mahony paid .5 billion dollars not to testify. Half a Billion! The author shares how his decision to remove their children from Catholic school led to his alienation from his wife’s Catholic family and confrontation with many priests including the archbishop’s assistant.

Finally, after standing up against the pharmaceutical companies unnecessary jabs when his daughter was born and almost arrested at Long Beach Memorial. The author recounts his escape from California during the Covid “pandemic”, only to discover that his new wife, an ex-Muslim Doctor of Psychology, was also a gold digger with narcissistic personality disorder.

In summary, the author’s story reveals the spiritual battle against humanity and how modern-day institutions intentionally create individuals with narcissistic personality disorder, ultimately leading to the fragmentation and destruction of families and individuals.

Veteran-of-a-Psychic-War Autobiography Cover
Veteran Of A Psychic War –
A revelation in Social Engineering
destroying the American Family