Help With Ness Psychologist Charged with Domestic Violence in Florida

Dr. Nesreen Frost, Licensed Psychologist in California and now Help With Ness Mental Health LLC of North Port, Florida is charged by the State of Florida with criminal domestic violence with possible purgery and extortion according to an Injunction hearing in a Sarasota courtroom on Sept 1st 2022.

August 4th North Port Police Department were called to the address in the Estates for domestic violence around 11:00pm.
Dr. Nesreen Frost of Help With Frost has been charged with Domestic Violence Case 22MM020236AV against her husband, owner of Stay Frosty.
Husband received multiple scratch and claw marks on face, neck and arm in addition to large bruise on left forearm from the attack while attempting to locate a cell phone that she reportedly hid from him having no way to call for help.
Charges have been filed with the State Attorney’s Office, 12th Judicial Circuit where a “Not Guilty” plea was made awaiting another hearing on Dec 13th 2022 to determine trial date.
According to the Injunction Hearing on September 1st 2022, Honorable Hunter Carrol of Sarasota County Courts identified that Mr. Frost had receive defensive wounds and he did not commit domestic violence. In addition Dr. Nesreen Frost had admitted to committing a crime of dishonesty and attempted to extort her husband to obtain his house and property from a premarital investment earlier that year.
Dr. Nesreen Frost and Help With Ness Mental Health, LLC is new to the North Port Florida area.  Dr. Nesreen Frost is also listed with Psychology Today and licensed with the Board of Psychology in Florida and California as well as professor at Palamar College of San Marcos, California.
Inquiries have been made with both the Board of Psychology for Florida and California Licensing and are awaiting a response to this matter.

Very similar behavior that was experienced by Mr. Frost of Dr. Nesreen Frost when she tried to get the phone from me. “As though I had the precious or something.”

“Same behavior exhibited by Dr. Nesreen Frost over a cellphone.” In addition she tried to use her Arab ethnicity and accused me of racism to demonize me while taunting before her attack just like this fruitcake did adding “White” people surrounding him to further imply is victimization. Seems to be a common tactic when exposing a narcissists.

Then after attacking Mr. Frost her son entered the room and she immediately screamed or him to call the police even though she was attacking Mr. Frost. Same behavior and deflection as with this degenerate in the above video working for Pfizer.

Another example of a narcissistic, entitled, puffed up, egotistical so called educated elites believing they are the ultimate in authority, untouchable and behave absent of virtue with no respect of others.

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