Erroneous Accusations Dismissed Against Business Owner Supporting the Troops

Injunction dismissed after accusations against owner of Stay Frosty were determined unfounded by Sarasota Court hearing with sworn testimony by Dr. Nesreen Frost reveled her claims false.

Dr. Nesreen Frost of Help With Ness Mental Health, accused her husband of criminal battery after calling the North Port Police Department last August 4th.
911 call recording she accused him of breaking her cell phone.  That he twisted her arm with his left and choked her with his right. She also reported no injuries on 911 call. Police arrived to find Mr. Frost covered with scratch, claw and bruised wounds while Dr. Nesreen Frost showed very little indication she had been attacked as described.  Mr. Frost commented, “Officer Zweifelhofer wasn’t very understanding of a person experiencing the trauma of being attacked.  I was harshly spoken to as though I was already guilty when I was simply trying to explain what happened was accused of starting a conflict.  I felt no support even after showing the video evidence.”
NPPD failed to respond and protect the victim doing nothing but taking reports for higher authorities to decide leaving Mr. Frost without a phone and defenseless with Dr. Frost and her two adult sons remaining in the household. Mr. Frost had sustained 1st and 2nd degree burns on 75% of his both his right arm and leg just a couple of days earlier and was in great pain still recovering from the injury. After providing video evidence of Dr. Nesreen Frost pursuing and attacking him and his burn injuries, nothing was done to protect the husband and the North Port Police Department departed.
Next day, both Mr. Frost and Dr. Nesreen Frost applied for injunctions at the Sarasota Courthouse only to have hers approved and his denied.  Furthermore, in less than 12 hours and under oath added  that he forced nonconsensual sex, threatened her with a deadly weapon, and choked the dog to the list of accusations that were not included the police report the night before.
Mr. Frost was physically forced from his home after denying his request for injunction and accepting hers.  After almost a month of delays and misrepresentations a hearing commenced and determined very quickly that Mr. Frost had not committed any domestic violence and from the evidence provided appeared to have defensive wounds.  In addition this hearing revealed that Dr. Nesreen Frost admitted under oath she had a history of criminal dishonesty and attempted to extort Mr. Frost last January describing in detail her goal to falsely accuse Mr. Frost of domestic violence in order to obtain his home that is in his name alone.
Mr. Frost is currently defending against her domestic violence accusation again by the State of Florida with criminal proceedings even after these claims in the injunction were dismissed and evidence supporting that she was the aggressor.  In addition she claimed to very afraid while the video shows the opposite with her mocking and taunting Mr. Frost while he searched for his cellphone he witnessed her taking.
This is not the first time Mr. Frost has been attacked by Dr. Nesreen Frost. Pictures from a previous attack shows the same clawing scratch marks similar to the ones incurred recently. When asked why he didn’t report the past incident replied, “Look how I’m being treated now as the victim?  I was afraid then that no one would believe me. Guess the State of Florida confirmed my fears.”  We asked further about support the state provides for males suffering from spousal abuse.  “No one seems to care about any DV victim except female when 1 out of 4 males and 1 out 3 females experience some form of domestic violence.  That is only a 8% difference.  When I entered the Sarasota State Attorney’s Office to discuss my case noticed there wasn’t any posters, paraphernalia, pamphlets or other types of material in the office for men.  Even the magazines in the lobby were all “Women’s Day” magazine or “Better Homes and Gardens”.  Not one piece of support for males experiencing domestic violence.  All marketed to females. So much for equality and equal representation. No wonder I was being treated this way. There wasn’t anything on the radar here for male victims of abuse. Made me feel alienated, and after what I had been through didn’t have confidence I wasn’t going to get much advocacy.”

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