Made In USA

What does it mean when someone says it’s Made in America? Does that mean some widget made in Kobe, Japan along with another widget from Podunk assembled together in some Toyutus Plant (Yeah we spelled that right!) in Fargo, South Dakota makes it made in America? Assembled doesn’t mean made so don’t let that fool […]

Born Ready Apparel launches honoring the US Coast Guard

Born Ready Apparel is another site dedicated to the men and woman of the armed forces focusing on the United States Coast Guard.  Led by an active duty Coastie with 12 years as a Boatswains Mate with service in all four corners of America.  USCG Shirts, Decals, Signs, As usual all apparel, decals, signs and […]

Revved Up Shirts Hot Rod and Muscle Car Madness Pedal to the Metal

That’s right its Pedal to the Metal with Revved Up Shirts the first Hot Rod and Muscle Car madness featuring Revved Up Rod “Boner” Woodyson from Stay Frosty Enterprises.  This site dedicated to the car enthusiasts from decades of rock and roll, boss cars, led sleds, chop tops, gassers, rat rods, wild willys, and woodies.  When America was […]

Stay Frosty Enterprises plans to hire more active duty Veterans!

Another Veteran has been hired by Stay Frosty Enterprises to take the lead on another site dedicated to the armed forces.  A part of serving the men and women of the united states military Stay Frosty also supports behind the scenes by employing active and retired service personnel. This month Stay Frosty has welcomed aboard […]

10-4 Gear Hits the Streets! Stay Frosty Launches Site dedicated to Law Enforcement

After 6 years of being the first responder to police, sheriff, K-9 and trooper custom design requests we are proud to announce the launch of 10-4 Gear a new website focused and dedicated to the men and women of law enforcement! Growing up with many family members and friends in law enforcement, CEO Derek Frost […]

Discovery Channel’s Newswatch Spotlights Devildogshirts.Com and

The national television syndicated show Discovery Channel is sharing on its show information about two of our brand companies, Devildogshirts.Com and Navycrow.Com. After the release of a brand new coin for the United States Navy and its Tin Can sailors a press release was written announcing this new coin and was picked up by the […]

Stay Frosty’s Isis Hunting Club Sends Medical Supplies to Aid International Peshmerga Volunteers

Starting in June all Stay Frosty Enterprises military sites-, and will begin donating a % all sales to help those IPV soldiers in the fight! Tourniquets, bandages, gauze and many other much needed items will be sent each month from participating sites. Isis Hunting Club has been working with for the past […]

Fire and Axes sets Fire to the Firefighter Market!

April 26th 2016 Stay Frosty Enterprises launches another site dedicated to the heroes that help make our great nation protected from the outbreak of fires, disasters and save those who are in need of rescue.  SFE CEO Derek Frost has personal connections to the fire fighting with many family members being volunteer fireman in the […]